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Daily Little Law Links

November 16th, 2009
  • The IAEA report today seems to pose more questions than it answers about Iran’s nuclear programme. The New York Times writes in detail.
  • The Times is right to observe that the government’s plan to interfere with bonus payments raises many questions about privity of contract (usually only those who make an agreement can enforce it) and retroactive legislation (an act should not become illegal after it has been done legally). That is if there is a banker brave enough to challenge it.
  • The very readable Iain Dale writes today about an idea that the Press Complaints Commission wants to regulate blogs. If the PCC are as ineffectual towards blogs as they are to the rest of the media, Iain has nothing to fear.

Using the most tenuous of legal links, I am just going to point your attention skyward – the Space Shuttle Atlantis launched today, in one of its final flights before it is retired next year. From next year, the U.S. has made an agreement to use the Russian Soyuz rockets to get to the Space Station, as a cost of $50m a seat. I bet that was a fun contract to draft.

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