Frustration at the media seems to be a constant refrain for most bloggers, which can sometimes seem a little self important. My frustration is that law is a bit of a specialist field, but it’s also very open. Unlike politics or sport, or even just mainstream news, you can always go right back to the original source with the law if you know where to look. You would think this would lead to more accurate reporting. Of course professionals and legal academics can debate the nuance of almost any case, but rarely interest the media. My frustration comes from the media taking a legal story, picking an odd feature, manipulating it into a headline, and then the rest comment on the headline, whilst the source (and facts within) are forgotten.

The purpose of this blog is to try to explain the legal reality as I see it, explore what, if any, element seems to justify the press spin, and link the reader back to the original source so they can (with a little perseverance) read the source themselves and make up their own minds.

I also hope to link to more straightforward legal stories, as an easy way to keep up with more mundane legal news. I will try to resist politics but, to paraphrase my international law lecturer, all law begins as politics.

As a BPTC student (formerly BVC, formerly Bar Finals – wonder if they’ve got it right this time?) , I am trying to leap into the profession. I think there are far more eloquent commentators who can tell the tale of the struggles for pupillage but if I do come across anything relevant I may repeat it here. In those cases I’d ask that those of you who are understandably indifferent to the plight of wannabe lawyers just click on through.

So the experiment begins – I shall review the stats in three months and test if anyone is out there!

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