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November 24th, 2012

I wrote this in draft some time ago…

I read blogs for three different reasons.

1. They are law related and I am trying to learn from them or think about new things because of them.

2. They are nothing to do with law and I read them for the escapism of seeing what other people do with their lives.

3. They are written by idiots or loons and provide a supply of nonsense for me to mock on this blog.

My next blogroll entry belongs to number two. It is a blog/diary of a commercial airline pilot in the US. He has a wonderful writing style, explains his daily dramas in a simple and amusing way, and often begins a post with a pretty cockpit view of the sun coming or going across his windshield.

Whenever I have a post from him in my feed-reader, I save it until last as my prize for getting to the end of the list – that’s how much I enjoy it. Perhaps this is the adult incarnation of my seven-year-old ambition to become a pilot, the abandonment of which I mourn every time I hear the word pupillage, but I’d recommend it to anyone.

…except I can’t now as the site appears to have gone offline a week ago.  I am quite sad about this, as are folks here.  He occasionally expressed frustration with his employers, but nothing I’d think was especially controversial.  It is strange to think that years of writing can just disappear from the web – all that time and effort – gone.

As for this much neglected space, I have renewed the domain, which cost money.  To prove this was not a complete waste, I will have a think about what to do.  No longer a student, but with a job that doesn’t lend itself to blogging, and a dissertation to finish, things may be light for a while.  However, I suspect the Leveson Report will fill me with the need to rant somewhere, so it may well be here!

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