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ASA Rules For Immaculate Conception

September 15th, 2010

This post would be much more fun if my headline was true, but sadly the opposite is closer to reality.  Today, the Advertising Standards Authority ruled against Antonio Fedirici’s latest ad campaign featuring the picture below.

Pregnant Nun eating Ice Cream

The Antonio Fedirici Image

10 people complained to the ASA arguing that the ad was offensive to Catholics, and the ASA were not moved by the company’s protest that “conception” simply referred to the development of their ice-cream.

The Guardian has the full story.

I must say at first I giggled, but on further thought I wonder if this is the ASA saying that playing with religious imagery is off-limits, which seems rather beyond their realm.  Secondly, if this ad really offended Catholics, I fear those offendees are about to have a very distressing week given the media mood about the Papal visit.  Last night, Jeremy Paxman opened Newsnight with: “The Pope’s about to come to Britain – who cares?”.

If you are wondering, and I’m sure you’re not, the preceding ad (also banned) suggests the conception was more mundane.  Do go to the designer’s website for more images.

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