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May 31st, 2010

I’m sorry to gloat as I know this is not true for everyone, especially GDL people, but my recent exile was due to final, final exams and so I am no longer a law student – woo! Perhaps I should say undergraduate law student as I’m already signed up for a September return, but still, it’s a nice feeling that any further exams have just become optional. (Except motorcycle theory – really must do that soon!)

So, what has happened in month I’ve been missing? Well, a change of government, maybe even a change of weather and quite a bit of legal news is out there to catch up on. I have promised myself a brief moratorium on law books or stories for at least a week post-exams, although I guess it is a positive sign that I’m struggling to keep to this.

As proper law (if there was ever any to be found here) is absent, permit me a brief spot of self promotion by pointing out this blog was mentioned along with a host of other new law-type blogs by Law Actually. He says:

Bleak Flat Legal Blog (BFLB) sports a clean and polished interface, with posts of more or less the perfect length. If his posting frequency stepped up a notch, he’d likely be vying for the ‘best newcomer’ award in Minxy’s blawgies.

Well, this is the kindest (and indeed only) reference to Bleak Flat since UK Godfather of blogging, Charon QC said Bleak Flat was “a rather good name for a law blog”, so many thanks for the mention. Hopefully the lack of a degree, or quite frankly anything else to do should see posting increase. That post also contains some of my regular reads, and some that are new to me, so I’ll enjoy looking those up next week.

It is a slight embarrassment that I did not spot this kind reference earlier, but Law Actually’s blog had remained unread in my Reader as I’ve been mostly checking in on my phone and wanted to see what the strange graphic was in the post that followed the blog reviews. It was worth the wait as it’s probably the best graphic about personal injury ever. I especially love how it’s written in the first person (or first animal I suppose?).

To conclude (and gosh I’ve written that a few times recently) thanks, sorry, more to follow!

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